Rivers of Wine

Rivers of Wine Plant showcase decor – Rivers of Wine. A combination of place, theme, color and materials that creates a mood and attracts the attention of visitors. Color invites, living flowers talk. Studios & Manufacturers No posts found!

Beyond the limits

Beyond the limits INTRO Fantasy is a timeless detail. Discovering the right detail is a search for the limits of fantasy. It is like framing fantasy. MORE This installation is an illustration of how “fantasy” as a detail plus fantasy as a skill transforms into a design object. This transformation can happen with any object …

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The Clown Society

The Clown Society Author’s creative collection „The Clown Society“ is a way to showcase the problem that the word „clown“ has become. How people have forgotten the true meaning of it and how it could hurt the people who work in the circus-clown field. This collection is an idea to portray how pop culture and …

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Meant to last

Meant to last CREATIVE TOOLS: Concrete and photography Concrete and photography are two different things that share a common characteristic: they are meant to last. By taking pictures, we preserve memories. By using concrete in construction, we create strong foundations that will last for centuries. Concrete dates back several thousand years before Christ and has …

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“Artifact” The showcase and the studio will feature an iron wolf’s coat and a single claw found in the roots of a tree uprooted by a storm in a mountain park. I believe they are artefacts from the 14th century, and visitors will be allowed to verify their authenticity by all means of authentication. Designers …

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modular houses

modular houses Together with our clients, we have set the goal of creating a modern modular home system of a high architectural level. To offer a home that does not feel like temporary housing. It is for this system that we have developed the architectural construction rules, which will allow potential buyers while choosing a …

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“Cardihorse“ “Cardihorse” – motion artifact resistant, electrical bio potential signal recorder for heart diagnostics and activity monitoring for horses. Equestrian sports and riding are widespread in all European countries and the world. Every horse needs constant movement and training at least 6 days a week for 1-2 hours. It is very important to give the …

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Showcase exhibition Glasses on

Šhowcase exhibition Glasses on CONCEPT  Reflection with dissolving boundaries. Clear boundaries between the reflection and the direct image are erased.  Playing with seeing: world-reflection;  world-image;  dual world;  visible/invisible;  seeing/not seeing;  in focus/out of focus;  seeing “wider”, peripheral view;  fog, haze, mirage;  see ‘more’, magnify the image;  reduce image;  OBJECT DESIGN EXPRESSION  Creating a layered object:  …

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