The socio-communication project „BeBūti“

The socio-communicative project “BeBeing” is the antithesis of the narrative of personal identity as an object that is constantly projected into the future. Being unnoticeable, invisible, unknown, liberates and makes one aware of one’s own existence on a larger plane, and thus encourages one to focus on what is not visible at first sight in the surroundings. This project argues that uniqueness is not primarily formed through self-obsession, but through being “nothing” in a world that is already full of those who aspire to be “something”. The non-assertion of one’s own individuality is the main leitmotif for self-analysis and search, for immersion in the present moment. It is an anti-manifesto. The project consists of a publication, a series of 8 posters and an augmented reality (AR) mobile application. The project is a bachelor’s thesis at the VDA, supervised by Prof. Aušra Lisauskienė.
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01 reprezentacinė foto – Ignas Miškinis
04 – Ignas Miškinis
06 – Ignas Miškinis
08 – Ignas Miškinis (1)