PRUSTA Ltd – architecture and construction company has been in practice since 1988. This is a family business founded by Architect Eglė Prunskienė and engineer, construction manager Juozas Prunskas, later joined by their daughters: architect Ieva Prunskaitė and her husband architect Rokas Puzinas, interior designer Eglė Braziulė Prunskaitė. 
Current projects include houses, commercial spaces, offices, landscapes, renovations and interiors at many scales and budgets. 
Prusta was founded in a commitment to make people’s welfare a better quality. We believe that architecture and design matter, and that through our work, we can make a positive difference in the world which leads to life of a better quality of everyone. We strive to create buildings and interiors that are not just things in themselves, but serve as catalysts for more positive, Conscious and healthier life. 
Our design process is open, interactive, and collaborative. Great ideas can come from anyone on the team, and design inspiration from a range of sources, including art, science, history or philosophy. Every time we start working, we find out the needs and aspirations of our clients and the problems we face. Analyzing the existing space, the set design goals, we present the basic idea of the interior, a concept that is different every time, never repeats. 
A perfect result and a happy person are what we always strive for in our work.
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