This is three-dimensional sculptural black metal fireplace is mounted to the wall. The most important detail, that makes this fireplace extraordinary is a very wide panoramic view of the fire. The desire to see the big and unframed picture of the burning wood,  was the inspiration spurring  to create this original design fireplace. This fireplace has several different models shelf or without it. This laconic, but expressive “sculpture” can be not only the most important accent of the interior, but also perfectly fulfills its original function.  It is easy to adapt in the stylistically different interiors and installation situations. 
The functionality of the fireplace is determined by a well-thought-out its technical features: 
The fireplace stoked is made of accumulative materials: chamotte and vermiculite – it helps to keep warmth for a longer time. When kindle elements  worn down  they can be replaced, and this affects the longevity of the fireplace. Fireplace frame is made of two layers with an air gap in between, and heat circulates through a specially adapted holes, all of this leads to a lower overheating of the outer frame, further more fireplace becomes safer considering the opportunity to get burned. To maintain a modern fireplace design, the fireplace door is designed to be raised. To realize this solution, a special lever system with a counterweight has been developed to allow the door to be lifted without much effort. The transparent fireplace door is made of glass-ceramic. The air supply is provided through the ashtray from below, which improves the draft of the fireplace. This fireplace is a symbiosis of modern aesthetic design and well-thought-out function.
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