Hanger OKS

Every new project is a challenge.
The idea of the OKS (“OKS” is Prussian for “hook”) came about while working on a project for panton gangways and piers. One of the challenges was to find a solution for drying towels and other equipment when analysing outdoor recreation by the water. The idea was a simple, silhouetted, mobile object with many hooks. It is easy to keep in the boot of the car and simply lean against a tree or other flat surface when you bring it back to the campsite.
As the project developed and the prototype was experimented with, the functional use of the OKS hanger expanded. The object can additionally be used as a vertical or horizontal wall hanger in the interior or as a bedside rack for hanging day clothes. Thinking about sustainability, I have also found a functional application for the parts left over from the production process – the planes with the silhouette cut will be adapted to furniture doors or shutters.
Continuing my line of objects that are not only functional but also meaningful, I have given the hanger the symbolism of the sign, sculpture and the tree of life.
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