Interior elements

SNYKS shop, stairs

SNYKS shop, stairs Creating a unique store is not enough just to create a beautiful space to display the goods. The store must be cozy, have several spaces with different functions, it must be a home not only for the merchant but also for the customer. Following this principle, the SNYKS store was created. A …

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Interior element “Inflated”

Interior element “Inflated” Dekoro detalė „Pūstas“ buvo kurta ofiso „Ogilvy Vilnius“ interjerui. Interjere nagrinėjamos iliuzijos, netikėtumo, įspūdžio temos. Skirtingomis interjero detalėmis bei medžiagomis buvo siekiama sukurti klaidingą pirmąjį įspūdį, iliuziją, kai realybė suvokiama ne tokia, kokia yra iš tikrųjų. Detalė „Pūstas“ yra priešprieša kuriamam įspūdžiui ir medžiagiškumui. Lankytojas priverčiamas stebėtis, kai iš pirmo žvilgsnio trapi …

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Hanger OKS

Hanger OKS Every new project is a challenge. The idea of the OKS (“OKS” is Prussian for “hook”) came about while working on a project for panton gangways and piers. One of the challenges was to find a solution for drying towels and other equipment when analysing outdoor recreation by the water. The idea was …

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5 fingers

5 fingers Exposition: 5 ceramic bowls (diam.26/H-about 25 cm) with different left hand gestures inside (gold fingers) exhibited in one line. Hand-hanger on the wall with Viva Magenta ribbon combine all exposition. Idea: interpretation and transformation of everyday household object with signs of provocation. Author of the work: Agnė Kondrataitė/Ceramage Designers No posts found!

Showcase “I see / I don’t see”

Showcase “I see / I don’t see” A multi-layered showcase is created for the optics shop ‘Glasses on’ in Kaunas oldtown. The object of the showcase – glass – is chosen deliberately; it corresponds with the materiality of the optics’ product. The reflective layer is added to the transparent glass. The mirror is handmade by …

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Showcase exhibition Glasses on

Šhowcase exhibition Glasses on CONCEPT  Reflection with dissolving boundaries. Clear boundaries between the reflection and the direct image are erased.  Playing with seeing: world-reflection;  world-image;  dual world;  visible/invisible;  seeing/not seeing;  in focus/out of focus;  seeing “wider”, peripheral view;  fog, haze, mirage;  see ‘more’, magnify the image;  reduce image;  OBJECT DESIGN EXPRESSION  Creating a layered object:  …

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Natural Resistance in Clothing

Natural Resistance in Clothing Textile Artist Wins Honoring the Future® Sustainability Award at Smithsonian Craft2Wear Show Prize Recognizes Artist’s Work on Climate Change. A Copake, New York artist, Vilma Mare, won the “Honoring the Future® Sustainability Award” at last night’s opening of the prestigious 2018 Smithsonian Craft2Wear Show in Washington, DC. The national award, which …

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Candleholder „Kál-nas”

Candleholer „Kál-nas” Kál-nas is a handmade candle holder made of jesmonite, inspired by the beauty of rocky landscapes. We have carefully crafted an object that has a clear, minimal shape and a detailed textured surface.  Jesmonite is a unique, nature-friendly alternative to traditional building materials (like cement or concrete) that can replicate any surface. It …

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Clock TIKSI The original wall clock “TIKSI” is made using a special sustainable paper pulp technology perfected by INDI’s creative studio. This material creates the visual impression of concrete, but the products are light, durable and practical. The understated design of the clock, the expressive texture, the laconic hands create a distinctive impression. 50 x …

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