Culture startup “Secret Love” - chocolate

JULIA JANUS and RŪTA chocolate factory
Once upon a time, a very long time ago, Vilnius was surprised by a forbidden and unrepeatable story of royal love.
The Grand Duke of Lithuania, Sigismund Augustus, and the beautiful Barbora Radvilaitė fell passionately in love. Although Barbora was not the right match for the future king, for 7 years Sigismund Augustus fought fiercely to have his love legitimised. The ruler did everything in his power to ensure that the love of his life would be recognised as his wife and crowned Grand Duchess of Lithuania and Queen of Poland, and that their story would become a romantic Vilnius myth.
Black chocolate with orange and sea salt, flavoured with almond slivers – a taste that tells the story of royal love. The highlight of the product is the orange, which was Barbara’s favourite fruit, and its combination with sea salt and almond slivers is a symbol of the royal family’s passion for gourmet flavours.
Lyrical, dark, detective and romantic. The brandbook for the most famous packaging of Vilnius’ royal love story is a painting by Miglė Kosinskaitė depicting the royal couple of Sigismund Augustus and Barbara Radvilaitė. Designed by Petras Saulėnas.