Ducktail Rainwear

Ducktail Rainwear is an exclusive brand of rainproof products with quality, modern design and a vibrant colour palette. The brand was founded by two friends who were inspired by ducks to create raincoats. The original design element is the duck’s tail, which helps the brand to stand out from the many other raincoat makers. Functionality is a top priority in Ducktail products, with spacious pockets, comfortable hoods, reflective details incorporated into every raincoat, and the material used by Ducktail itself withstands up to 15,000 mm of water pressure. From 2021 onwards, all Ducktail raincoats are made from recycled materials that are ICEA certified. Also in the same year, Ducktail started an active collaboration with the Ornithological Society, with 2% of every sale going to waterfowl rescue.
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