124 original characters, 75 adaptations, maps of 6 continents and a map of the world’s cryptids. All this was created in 97 days. 
The aim of the work is to discover the cryptid of every country in the world, to visualise it and to reveal the diversity and uniqueness of the world’s mythical creatures. 
My mission was to illustrate the characters and the maps, complementing the compositions with a decorative typeface created especially for this project. The creative process, which lasted more than 13 weeks, was a great challenge for the whole team. 
Since its first publication on the client’s SavingSpot blog (18 October 2020), the work is now widely circulated in cyberspace. 
Creative director – Povilas Daknys, design studio – NeoMam Studios, client – Saving Spot.
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9_World-of-Cryptids_Zemyna_Lithuania – Laimutė Varkalaitė
5_World-of-Cryptids_set_of_some_CHARACTERS – Laimutė Varkalaitė
4_World-of-Cryptids_set_of_some_CHARACTERS – Laimutė Varkalaitė
3_World-of-Cryptids_set_of_all_CHARACTERS – Laimutė Varkalaitė
1_World-of-Cryptids_WORLD-MAP – Laimutė Varkalaitė