urban transport system – Dancer bus

Dancer – to find benefits for the environment alongside economic logic. Dancer is a city transport solution that includes electric buses, full maintenance, and its own green energy supply. It also provides a unique, the first in the world city bus rent solution for bus operators to pay per kilometre driven with no need to buy expensive busses (more info – https://dancerbus.com/dancer-mobility/). Dancer is engineered in-house from scratch, making it the lightest and most energy-efficient full-size bus in the world with a 6min super-fast charging. Curved sidewalls give extra strength and are made using recycled PET bottles. The body is rounded up in the plan view to give extra maneuverability. The bus is equipped with rearview cameras, 360-degree infrared night vision, an automatic ramp for the disabled and a fully automated connection to the charging station. The driver’s cockpit has a customizable infotainment system while the passenger space has extra-large windows, a skylight, minimalistic and a spacious interior. The rear exterior screen enhances traffic visibility for fellow drivers or is used for advertising purposes.
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