Photography exhibition “Colour Zone”

Four photographers who teach photography at Kaunas School of Applied Arts (KTDM) – Kristina Stankuvienė, Kristina Valasevičienė, Raimundas Bulota and Robertas Misiukonis – are presenting the photography exhibition “COLOUR ZONE” at the Design Week 2023. A photography that invites you to dive into the world of colour, combining colour and design, becoming an accent of a calm and subtle, or perhaps, modernist interior. Each work is unique in its combination of colours and details, reflecting contemporary culture and human lifestyle. A strong focus is placed on the 2023 colour of the year, which is announced each year by the Pantone Colour Institute. It is Viva Magenta, also known as the hybrid shade (pinkish red with a hint of purple), symbolising our existence in both the real and digital worlds.
The “Colour Zone” will be waiting for all those who love colours or who just miss them.
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