Decorative furniture with cords is perfect to store any minor accessories while every furniture item is decorated according to individual needs. The furniture is made of perforated metal with holes and there is a possibility to decorate it with ropes as creativity and imagination follow. Using a different weaving method, a different pattern can be portrayed every time. The variety of ornaments can be expanded by choosing a different color of the rope or even combining several colors. With colored rope stitched through metal holes, furniture is turned into an educational-creative tool for children and adults. This furniture is appropriate for any age of children. The little ones or children having a disability can play to develop tactile and motor skills, while older children are able to develop logical and creative thinking. Speaking of young families, decorating this kind of furniture during their playful family time will enrich and strengthen their relationships with each other. And last but not least, adults can use it as a great relaxing activity to create original and timeless furniture for their homes.
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