home in Pavilniai Regional Park

A solid residential house in the picturesque Pavilniai regional park welcomes guests with an exceptional sense of space. The ceiling reaches more than 8 meters at the highest point of a living room. Only the highest-quality materials were used for this interior: natural oak parquet blocks, wood veneer furniture, and exclusive lamps with a made-in-Italy design. The highlight of the dining room is an acacia wood dining table with legs made by Lithuanian manufacturers. Part of the walls is covered with textured marble plaster. To maintain connection and friendship with the façade, thermo pine decking boards were used both on the exterior and interior. Summer residences of the Vilnius elite were built in this area between the wars. This legacy has been preserved as the original wooden beams and tall doors were used in the construction of this house. There’s a space for leisure and creative activities behind the main home. Together with hundred-year-old oak trees around, the small house of more than 50 square meters fits perfectly into the surroundings.
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