Handmade ceiling light “BALANCE”

A combination of natural stone-like rigidity and lightness of a cloud. These handmade ceiling lights have aunique character and bring a sense of harmony. The ceiling lights are a versatile fit for spaces of any interior style as they have a minimalist look with a subtle touch of distinctiveness. 
“BALANCE” ceiling lights are made with a specific combination of recycled materials including paper mass, glue, and other components. During the creation process, the materials are mixed with glue, then the mixture is dried and treated. A lot of experimentation was done until the right blend of materials was discovered to achieve a natural rough finish of the surface once the mass dries. The lamps merge two opposites: rough texture on the outside and the smooth surface on the inside, which is achieved with the use of metal. 
Bringing used materials back to life gives these lights a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look and makes them a sustainable member of your home.
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