Glasses ON

The prime idea behind the Glassses ON space is for it resembles an art gallery. Massive and heavy concrete volumes create internal perspectives and invite a visitor to unexperienced and unexpected. The visitor strolls through an exhibition, which greets the eyes with mirrors and an illusion of hanging concrete slabs. Heavy objects disappear in the reflections of mirrors. Pure fabrics are used in the interior: concrete, copper, epoxy, splint, and plaster. All of them have different textures and surface expressions, which elicit different senses. Geometric shapes are rough and uneven. Massive objects create a contrast to thin metal sheets and fragile glasses. Cold concrete shades are modeled next to bright colors of oxidized copper and epoxy. This space creates emotions and experiences.
01_salės erdvė-toota
02_salės erdvė-toota
04_salės erdvė-toota
08_salės erdvė-toota