Exo Oro finger splints

This is the lightest hard brace that weighs only 2 grams but is still very tough. Jewellery-inspired modular brace is strong, yet very light. The product is waterproof, skin-friendly, and easily recycled after use. One side of the splint immobilizes the finger completely, the other side – partially.
Using metal enables for an incredibly open and jewellery-like structure of this brace, allowing for earlier-than-usual physiotherapy, which significantly reduces healing time. Such structure enables the use of Exo Oro for open bone fractures or post-surgery, when surface of naked skin is needed to treat wounds.
This splint provides reliable fixation of fractured bones with minimal injury to soft tissues. This Exo Oro model is used to immobilize simple bone or soft tissue injuries. The modular parts of the finger splint are produced in several sizes, so it can be easily and quickly adapted to all patients.