Multimedia design

“Butchers of Bucha“

“Butchers of Bucha“ President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda is propelling the Ukraine war through Russian media – whether featuring broadcast as talking points on TV shows or appearing as the now ubiquitous symbol “Z” – works and will continue to work because it is a tried and true tactic repackaged from Russia’s complicated history. We have …

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“Inion” generative design

“Inion” generative design Inion is a software and hardware developer that analyzes and estimates PV plants’ performance, allowing more efficient electricity use. Inion created a system that de-clutters complex information and makes it user-friendly for any PV plant owner. Inion brand uses binary code in every step of the process, prompting us to explore ways …

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“Techfusion” generative design

“Techfusion” generative design Vilnius TechFusion is a city’s initiative with an aim to attract talent and investment and to solidify the tech hotspot image of the city. The brand is based on the concept of fusions that occur between different personalities, companies, and disciplines and spark new ideas and businesses into life. We created an …

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