Costume design

Jacket “(Un)done”

Jacket “(Un)done” Installation is exploring the idea of how the fabric can become both the surface matter and an object making a shadow. Here the fabric manipulations were created, later affected by the outside factors – sun and water, and finally they were (un)done and embroidered. The result is something new, yet something more advanced …

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biodegradable vests

biodegradable vests The idea of biodegradable vests arose from the undeniable destructiveness of the textile industry. Even though the possibilities for textile recycling are broadening and clothes do not necessarily end up in landfills, nowadays widely used synthetic fibers produce up to 35% of global microplastic pollution. Synthetic dyes, transportation of materials and products – …

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fashion design project-collection “Portmantò”

fashion design project-collection “Portmantò” Duality of Comfort and Uncertainty as Inspiration for the Creator. Constant movement, search for balance, and need for comfort, especially emotional comfort, are what the current state of uncertainty encourages. As self-protection and preparedness are no longer considered dystopian – the idea of personal protection ranges from functional/practical protection to emotional …

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“Marila Unisex” raincoat

“Marila Unisex” raincoat Ducktail Rainwear is a Lithuanian brand that produces raincoats and other waterproof products such as backpacks, hats, and dog raincoats. In 2022 during the SS22 collection, a new project was presented – the Unisex Marila Raincoat. Like other Ducktail Rainwear products, the Marila raincoat aims to protect customers from inclement weather and …

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Long Felt Boots

Long Felt Boots Felt boots that not only keep your feet warm, but also make them look good.  Made of natural materials, breathable and breathable for the comfort of your feet. Felt long boots boots are designed for every stylish modern woman who wants to enjoy warmth and comfort while staying stylish in the cold …

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ICONIC RAINCOAT The Women’s Iconic Raincoat is made with a waterproof, windproof and breathable recycled polyester outer shell and a soft recycled lining inside. The raincoat is recognizable by its reflective details: vent in the back, belt and cuff straps. The raincoat is lightweight (1.2 kg). Buy Designers Kataloge nerasta Studios & Manufacturers Ducktail Rainwear

Natural Resistance in Clothing

Natural Resistance in Clothing Textile Artist Wins Honoring the Future® Sustainability Award at Smithsonian Craft2Wear Show Prize Recognizes Artist’s Work on Climate Change. A Copake, New York artist, Vilma Mare, won the “Honoring the Future® Sustainability Award” at last night’s opening of the prestigious 2018 Smithsonian Craft2Wear Show in Washington, DC. The national award, which …

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BACKPACK 03 03 – A minimalist backpack inspired by architectural forms and everyday movement. Made of dense woven cotton fabric, cotton straps. Recycled plastic zippers and metal clip. Back padded with recycled EVA foam from old from old sports mats. Buy Designers Kataloge nerasta Studios & Manufacturers Archetip

Get some magic from BAGIC

Get some magic from BAGIC Ever dreamed of how you can have, and carry 1 backpack, but enjoy the feeling of having 6 different bags at the same time? This is your chance to make this dream come true as this backpack will transform from a bag into a backpack and vice versa!  With one …

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Wearable activism

Wearable activism A reminder.  While we wait for the weekend, summer, and holidays, the people of Ukraine are waiting for the end of the genocide. Designers Justina Semčenkaitė Studios & Manufacturers Kataloge nerasta